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In the United States, an organization – American Kennel Club (AKC) – releases a list of top dog breeds every year.

According to AKC, the list comprises the most trusted dogs inside any households. The AKC likewise considered how American would likely adopt such kind of breed dogs.

For this year, the top five dog breeds in the United States are as follows. This could give you an overview if you are looking for a dog to adopt:

Labrador Retrievers

This dog breed can weigh from 55 pounds on the average up to 80 pounds and are likely to live ten to twelve years.

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AKC described the Labrador Retrievers as breeds who are friendly, outgoing, and very active when it comes to physical endurance. This gives American families to have more leeway in choosing this dog breed as their companion not only inside the house but also during leisure time.


 German shepherd

German shepherds have an average weight of 50 to 90 pounds and can survive for about ten years.

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For starters, this dog breed is known to have very high intelligence, which makes them suitable as dog trainees for safety and rescue measures. German shepherds are also loyal, courageous, and steady, which makes them ideal to be adopted as a house pet.

Golden Retriever

Generally weighing around 55 to 75 pounds, Golden Retrievers can survive a maximum of 12 years.

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This dog breed is very competitive, which makes them ideal for dog competitions.

French Bulldog

If you are looking for a playful, alert, and easily adaptable dog, the French Bulldog is the best breed for you.

french bulldog, dog, strong

Relatively lighter at 28 pounds, this dog breed is chosen by most Americans because of their adorability and friendliness towards human beings.


The fifth-ranked most popular dog in the US is the bulldog. Americans choose this breed for their loyal and courageous demeanor. Aside from this, bulldogs are likely to survive longer than other breeds.

english bulldog, bulldog, dog

Amid their sourmug face, Bulldogs are likewise easily trainable and have this cute smirk which leaves people drooling for their cuteness.

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