He may not seem like it, but this miniature dachshund from Australia is a pro at herding. Charlie Rowlands recently recorded his six-year-old sausage dog named Frankie, showcasing his success as a herding dog. In the clip, Frankie was seen bravely rounding up the flock into the farm paddocks.

Although he is not a traditional sheepdog, Frankie, who is only about five to seven inches tall, easily settled into his new line of work. The adorable pup bravely chased every single sheep across the pen in Girilambone, New South Wales. Frankie was outnumbered by dozens, but that did not stop him from getting his job done.

The tiny dog managed to chase down the massive livestock even if some of them tried to run away from the gate. Although he does not seem to have the obvious skills needed to be a working canine, little Frankie could give any professional sheepdog a run for their money.


According to Charlie, Frankie loves the farm life. As seen in the video, he helps move the mob of sheep out to the paddocks. Charlie added that this mini dachshund is a “real character.” He wants to get involved in every aspect of farm life, including chasing pigs and mustering sheep.

In New South Wales, Australian shepherds typically serve as working sheepdog. They also consider kelpies, border collies, and English shepherds as skilled stock canines. They are well known for their obedience.

Meanwhile, dachshunds have a reputation for being incredibly playful. When they are in training, they can have a streak of mischief. These short-legged dogs were initially bred as scent hound dogs that hunt tunneling animals like badgers, rabbits, and foxes.

These days, dachshunds are considered as good family dogs. That is because they are loyal companions. They are excellent watchdogs and great with kids, too.

Credit: ABC Landline


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