They say that mothers epitomize the meaning of love. For a freezing mommy dog in Serbia, getting herself and her babies rescued is the top priority.

Dogs in a drain pipe

Hera and her puppies lived in a wet pipe beside one of the roads in Serbia. A country known for its unforgiving weather, the rescuers found them just in time.

Hera displayed an incredible amount of trust. It’s like she knew that if she didn’t trust a stranger, their lives wouldn’t get spared by the harsh weather.

Rescuers decided to investigate when they received a call saying that a dog would run out and then run back to the pipes.

Workers soon found the reason for the dog running back in- there were puppies! Three little ones waited for their momma, shivering inside a cold, wet drain pipe.

Getting them out was a challenge as evening approached. Biting cold and the young ones still suckling mom were just one of the many obstacles to beat.

Undeterred, the rescuers tried letting momma back in to coax her babies out. Too young to follow, they remained in the middle of the drain pipe.

Workers prodded and pushed the puppies out while momma dog waited in the van. Their efforts paid off, and one rescuer held the three little pups in his arms in victory.

The pups snuggled close to their momma. Two boys and one girl, these puppies are all set to live the best life!

They are now safely in a dog shelter, and judging by these photos, having the time of their lives! We can’t help but be grateful for these rescuers who went through so much just to save these dogs.

In the shelter, they’ll get all the veterinary attention they need. Kudos to these rescuers!

May the dogs find their forever home, and may the shelter get support from all around the world!

Video and Images by Dog Rescue Shelter 


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