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With 38.4% of American households owning a dog, they’re a popular choice for a companion. Why wouldn’t they be? They love you unconditionally, and your fur baby will always be there for you through the hard times.

However, there are many different breeds of dogs and some require more maintenance — and are more difficult — than others. It’s important to choose your new friend carefully.

If you’re a young couple who’s decided to add a dog to the mix, take a look at each dog breed carefully and decide what suits your lifestyle.

These breeds should fit the typical life of a young couple super well! 

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are notoriously great for first-time dog owners. They’re friendly, patient, and easy to train, which makes them a dream if you’re young and not used to owning a dog on your own.

They also tend to be very adaptable so if you’re still planning on moving around quite a bit, the golden retriever will follow you without complaint or hassle. 

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the USA!

It’s no wonder. They’re easy to train and tend to be very relaxed dogs, which means there isn’t a lot of upkeep in comparison to other dog breeds. They aren’t predisposed to many medical conditions either, so it’s less likely you’ll be hit with life-altering vet bills at an early stage in their life.

Getting a dog together can be stressful, but labrador retrievers will make the process a dream. 

3. Dachshund 

Maybe you’re looking at getting a smaller dog. Young couples don’t always have a lot of room, so you need to know what are suitable dog breeds in apartments. 

Dachshunds are adorable, but might provide a bit of a challenge — they can be more difficult to train than breeds such as the labrador retriever! However, training them is extremely rewarding and once bonded to you, they’ll be your friend for life. 

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Another awesome small breed is a spaniel. Much like retrievers, they’re very adaptable and will follow you everywhere without complaint. If you’re planning on moving and are worried about bringing your furry friend around with you, this breed might be exactly what you need.

They’re also athletic and require exercise. If you want a dog that you can bring on hikes with you and enjoy the outdoors, this is the breed you should choose as a couple.

5. Bichon Frise

A very loyal dog, this breed is excellent if you’re looking for a playful companion that will provide plenty of laughter! They require moderate exercise and a little effort when it comes to training, but they’re amusing, loyal, and friendly. 

6. Boxer

Boxers have their pros and cons so, depending on what you’re looking for, they might be an awesome addition to a young couple’s family.

Because they’re strong, they require training so they don’t destroy your home! They also require good training to keep them under control.

Despite this, they’re naturally affectionate which makes them great with children. If you’re planning on adding kids to the mix later and want a dog you know will be good with toddlers, this is the breed to go for. 

7. Poodle

When it comes to the best dog breeds for couples, poodles are one to consider. They’re high energy and require a lot of exercise and stimulation, but they’re also highly intelligent and will learn anything you try to teach them very quickly!

Be warned, though. If you slack on their training and exercise, they’ll get bored and it could lead to them ruining your house! If you plan on getting a poodle, be sure you’re ready to commit to their wellbeing. 

8. Pomeranian

Pomeranians look like high maintenance dogs due to their fluffy coat, but they’re actually great for a young couple who might potentially be first-time owners. Their coat does need brushed but as long as you keep that up, they’ll be fine!

They require a little patience with training, but they don’t require much exercise. If you don’t have a yard they can run free in, this might be a great option for you.

Be aware though! Pomeranians can be needy and require lots of love and attention, so be ready to shower your fur baby in hugs and pets. 

9. Shih Tzu

Another breed that is not difficult to train — and great for an apartment, since they’re small — Shih Tzus have great character and a spunky personality that will make it impossible for you not to fall in love. 

As with all breeds, they require a strong leader or they can develop behavioral issues, but if you’re on top of their training then you’ll make a loyal friend for life. Not to mention, they’re adorable!

10. Corgi

Corgis may be small, but they do have more needs than many other dog breeds. They have a lot of energy despite their small size and can be very stubborn, so you need to get a firm handle on their training fast and provide lots of stimulation and exercise!

However, if you’re looking to invest a lot into your dog as a young couple and have plenty of time and patience, a corgi might be super rewarding. Be consistent in their training and patient with them, and you’ll find that the pay-off is pretty awesome. 

Enjoy Your New Fur Baby! 

Getting a new fur baby can be daunting, especially as a young couple. You’re probably going to be moving around in the future and might be thinking about adding children to the family, which means having a dog that will adapt to all of this.

Think carefully about your future and pick accordingly. All of these breeds are wonderful additions to the family with some patience and training!

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