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You’ve got gifts for everyone, even those that are miles away. How about that loyal buddy that’s always been by your side? I’m talking about your dog. Yes, you can give your dog present for the holidays too. And just like presents for humans, the gift for your dog doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant. Here are some gift ideas.

A visit to the grooming salon

If your dog doesn’t mind being handled at the groomers, you can treat your dog to a complete grooming services. I mean bath, haircut, nail trim and care, teeth cleaning, and all the good stuff they do at the grooming salon. He’ll sure look handsome for the holidays.

Training classes

The idea of a training class doesn’t sound fun, but your dog will love a lot of things from it. Like the amount of quality time you’ll spend with him while in training, all the attention he’ll get when he shows off the new skills he learned, and all the treats he’ll get while in training.


Get your dog some cool new outfit. Get him all dressed up for the holidays. He’ll look adorable and get a lot of praise from your guests. Plus, it will help keep him warm during this frosty season. If you’re feeling a little grand, buy him a whole set – from beanies to sweaters, vest, socks, and booties. This will work best if your dog is used to wearing clothing.

New toys

Yes, of course your dog will love new toys. You know what would be better, you can buy toys from Charity organizations that donate part of the earnings to dog shelters.  This way you’re not only making your dog happy, but you are also extending help other dogs in need.

Adopt a new pet

Getting a new pet also means your dog having a new playmate. A brother or sister that will keep him company while you are at work or busy. Some dogs is not very enthusiastic about new pets coming in, but they get used to their new pal after a few days or weeks.

Stocking stuffers

If your dog has his own stockings by the fire place, you can stuff it with things he loves and he’ll enjoy. You can put in a bag of his favorite treat, dental treats, new toys, and other things your dog will love.


Holidays mean busy days – all that shopping, preparing, gift wrapping that you have to do. But even when you’re busy your dog still needs his playtime. So you can take him to a Doggie day camp for a whole day or half day session. What’s good about this is that the dogs are fully supervised and it allows your dog to get the playtime that he needs as well as socialize with other dogs.

The holidays is indeed a happy season for us humans. Although we are not sure if our dogs share the same feeling, it would be great if we could share the happiness we feel during this season. No expensive gifts required, sometimes all your dog wants and needs is the love and care that you give him.

Happy holidays!


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