Briella Booth-Naif is a sweet and cheerful six-year-old girl from Michigan. She was diagnosed with pastic diplegic cerebral palsy before she turned two, and has been attending multiple therapies since then. Briella has been working hard to learn to walk independently, so her mom thought that a furry reward is in order.

Brave Briella

Despite Briella’s condition, she remains positive and happy. She patiently attends every therapy session to improve her quality of life. During those sessions, Briella has met and worked with several service dogs. And it wasn’t before long that she started dreaming about having her own puppy.

Caroline, Briella’s mom, saw first-hand how attentive Briella has been in her therapy sessions. The girl has learned to take her first few steps; she can articulate certain words and use sign language for words that she’s unable to speak. Briella is one determined young lady, and Caroline can’t be prouder of her.

For the last several months, Briella has been asking her parents for a puppy. Unbeknownst to her, that dog would, later on, come as a Christmas gift. Caroline heard of a pomsky pup needing a forever home and she thinks it would be the perfect pup for Briella.

Briella’s furry gift

The video starts with Briella sitting inside the car, and she has a fluffy, blue-eyed pup contentedly sitting on her lap. She squealed for joy as she embraces her pup. Caroline asks, “are you excited you got your doggie?” Briella answered an enthusiastic “yup!” Next, Caroline asks, “what’s her name?” Briella said, “Mieka.”

Briella couldn’t stop laughing and smiling over her gift, and hearing her squeal is just contagious! Briella and Mieka have been together for over a month, and now they’re the best of friends. Watch the video below to see Briella’s priceless reaction the first time she met her very own puppy.

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🐾Welcome Home Mieka🐾⁣ Well we have had our new puppy Mieka for a week now already!! 😍 This video is from the day we picked her up and we put Mieka straight into Briella’s arms. I love this video so much because Briella is so so excited for her new puppy, her speech is amazing and she is also signing during the video. Briella was giggling the whole car ride home with excitement. I can’t wait to watch all of their adventures together throughout the years. 🐶👧🏼🐾 @miekathepomsky ⁣ ❤️ Dog Mama’s please share any must have favorite food, treats, toys, and potty training tips and tricks!!! 💋 🐾🐕⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ #gobriellago #miekathepomsky #briellaandme #dogsofinstagram #pomsky #pomskypuppy #pomskysofinstagram #pomskylife #pomskynation #pomskyofinstagram #pomskylove #pomskyworld #therapydog #pomskyunlimited #pomskypup #pomskyperfection #pomskyinstagram #pomskysofmichigan #puremichigan #barkbox #barkboxday #puppytraining #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsykids #newpuppy #dogsofinsta #dog #agirlandherdog #agirlsbestfriend • 🎥This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615

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