Dogs love to chase around small animals they encounter along the way. But, it’s expected of them, as they’re born with the instinct of a predator.

However, it looks like one Siberian husky’s missing this predatory instinct when he decided to befriend a little chick.

Oooh! Is that chick your new friend?

In this adorable video, one can see Gohan the Siberian husky calmly lying down on the floor. But, what makes this scenario extraordinary is the little creature sitting on top of Gohan’s head.

Try to take a closer look at the said creature, and you’ll see it’s a baby chick. It’s entirely novel to see a dog like Gohan calmly allowing the young bird to sit on its head. If it were other Siberian Huskies, they would’ve already chased the chick around all day.

And, as the chick’s ally, Gohan immediately assumes the role of a protective friend.

Isn’t he the cutest, Dad?

Aside from allowing the chick to perch on top of his head, Gohan also enables the little bird to sleep against his tummy. If the baby bird’s up and about exploring the house, the pooch makes sure to follow through its path as well.

And, even if the chick’s back in its enclosure on the countertop, Gohan keeps watch over it. Now and then, the pooch glances at Dad with the cutest puppy eyes, as if thanking him for introducing a new friend.

But, we wouldn’t be able to witness this scenario if dad didn’t do a heroic deed to save the chick’s life.

I’ll bring you home with me, okay?

Before all these cute interactions occurred, this little chick wasn’t one of the most fortunate creatures.

This little chick wandered around the streets, with no mother taking care of it. As such, when Gohan’s fur dad encountered such a scene, he immediately decided to bring the chick with him.

However, this arrangement was only temporary as dad plans to bring the chick to the bird shelter where it’ll receive proper care. But, thanks to dad’s initiative, another story of a beautiful friendship blossomed.

Words cannot adequately express how adorable Gohan and the chick’s friendship is. As such, it’s best if you check out the short video fur dad made below.

Video Credit: Gohan The Husky via YouTube


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