If you’ve never been floored by something that your mind couldn’t wrap itself around, then you haven’t lived yet. After all, part of life’s adventure is experiencing something that totally gobsmacks you.

Something totally messed with this Golden Retriever’s head, alright. Duke definitely didn’t expect to see his doppelgänger in his own home, and that shook the pet to his core.

Duke’s a spritely dog, and the bond between him and his hooman mom is obviously strong. He wouldn’t trot nonchalantly into mom’s room like that otherwise.

The Golden Retriever walked into his mom’s room, expecting to say hi and spend a day cuddling with her. He was stopped short when he saw a motionless animal just like him parked on the floor.

The dog was so surprised that he couldn’t move. His mom burst into giggles because the dog was visibly rattled. His thoughts probably ran along the what-or-who-is-that or something along that line.

Duke immediately went into protective mode, so he came closer and sniffed the stuffed toy out. It didn’t move, and it didn’t smell suspicious, but our golden boy wasn’t convinced.

He took a few steps back, and every time mom moved the toy to scare her pet, Duke jumped. Mom’s giggles soon became full-blown laughter.

Duke retreated, but he didn’t surrender. He did a spy stunt instead that we must admit was too hilarious for a dog to do. Peering suspiciously from that door’s the funniest thing you did on this video, pet!

To be fair to you, mom got that stuffed toy to see how you’d react. You responded in a way that we hooman’s would, and that’s why we found you totally funny, pet!

We hope you don’t get into any other mind-boggling encounters like this, Duke. On the flip side, you now know how to deal with surprise look-alikes!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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