dog daycare costs

dog daycare costs

Finding the right dog daycare for your pup is just as important as finding one for your child. Your pup is one of your children if not your only child and he or she deserve as much attention and care from the provider as he or she would normally get from you.

When going out of town, it’s stressful thinking about leaving your pup behind. What will your pup do when you’re gone? Will he or she miss you?

Will he or she be okay? These concerns and dog daycare costs all tie in together to add to your traveling stress. Before hitting the road, you need to know how to find affordable dog daycare provided by someone you can trust.

Continue reading below for the best tips for finding lower dog daycare costs and trustworthy providers!

Finding Affordable Dog Daycare

It’s one thing to find affordable dog daycare, but it’s another thing to find affordable and trustworthy dog daycare. If you have financial concerns about dog daycare, then your first step should be finding low-cost options. Your next step will be to ensure they’re the best providers around.

Here’s what you need to know about finding affordable providers!

1. Hiring a Dog Sitter

Rather than bringing your pup to an unfamiliar place and paying expensive fees, you can consider hiring a dog sitter. A dog sitter will come to your house, where your dog is comfortable and has all of his or her necessities. Dog sitters can be hired from different dog-care apps or websites.

Check with the app or website you’re using to learn how the dog sitters complete background checks and how safety measures are implemented. Dog sitters are also beneficial because they can keep an eye on your house as well while you’re away.

2. Hiring a Dog Walker

If you don’t need someone to stay with your pup all day long while you’re gone, then you can consider hiring a dog walker. This is a less expensive option as the dog walker will only come during your selected times to walk your pup, provide fresh food and water, and spend some quality time with him or her.

You can even have the dog walker come multiple times during the day such as in the morning, the afternoon, and during the evening. Again, you’ll use different dog-care apps or websites to hire a dog walker and should look into their background-check methods and safety measures in place.

3. Asking Friends or Family Members

One of the most affordable options for dog daycare is having a friend or family member come to check on your pup for you. If your pup does well in unfamiliar environments, then you can even consider having your pup stay with your friends or family!

Most friends and family members won’t charge you, but even if they do ask for a payment, or if you decide to pay them on your own, it’ll be cheaper than other providers.

Finding Trustworthy Dog Daycare

Now that you have some insight on different affordable options, it’s time to focus on finding trustworthy options. When asking a friend or family member to watch your pup for you, you’ll already feel at ease. When this isn’t the case, follow these tips below.

4. Conducting Interviews

If you plan to hire a dog sitter, dog walker, or dog daycare facility, then it’s a good idea to conduct a few interviews before making a final decision. Meet with each possible provider before hiring and be sure to ask a few questions.

Ask how much experience he or she has working with animals and dogs to be more specific. Ask what his or her schedule is and how it’ll affect your dog-care needs. Ask about prices, facility schedules, and more.

Don’t forget to ask what the best way of communicating is for the provider as well. When you’re away, you’re going to want to check in whether that be via telephone, email, or text message.

5. Asking for Referrals

When in doubt, you can always ask friends and family members for referrals. If you know someone who has a pup of his or her own, then chances are he or she has needed a dog sitter in the past. Be sure to ask your friends or family who they’ve used for their own pups.

This is a great way to get some background knowledge on a dog facility, sitter, or walker before making a selection. Ask your friends and family what their experience was like including the good and bad.

This will help give you better expectations for your own experience.

6. Visiting Facilities

If you choose to hire a dog daycare facility for the convenience, or because it was the best option after reading through this guide, then don’t hesitate to schedule a tour with the facility. Visiting the facility gives you a good idea of what your pup will experience while you’re away.

Visit facilities and compare differences including price, doggy schedules, exercise activities, and so much more! Check for cleanliness, professionalism, and dog vs provider interactions.

It’s Time to Find the Lowest Dog Daycare Costs With the Most Trustworthy Providers!

After reading through this guide, we hope you’re able to find the lowest dog daycare costs with the most trustworthy provider! Although cost is a big factor to take into consideration, professionalism and trust are the biggest.

You want your pup to feel safe and well-cared for while you’re away. Use these tips listed above to ensure just that!

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