The sudden onset of a massive stroke left a greyhound named Faith unable to move at all. However, thanks to her family’s loving ministrations, the pooch eventually found herself running free again.

Hannah Lee, a 30-year-old fur mom from Atlanta, Georgia, adopted the greyhound in 2009. The friendly and affectionate Faith came from Southeastern Greyhound Adoption.

Back in December 2017, the canine was playing in their yard when she suddenly collapsed. Hannah was shocked — Faith had never shown any signs of illness before.

At the veterinary clinic, doctors told Hannah and her parents that the greyhound had suffered a stroke. They predicted that she would never be able to stand up and walk again; Faith couldn’t even lift her head.

Hence, they offered to euthanize the greyhound as a kindness. However, Hannah refused to make that decision while her emotions were running high, and she and her parents took Faith home that day.

They decided to give the greyhound a chance to get better instead of putting her down right away. Faith’s condition did indeed show signs of improvement; in less than 48 hours after her stroke, the canine was able to move her head.

Because of this, Faith’s family became determined not to give up on the dog. Through daily massages and physical therapy sessions, they hoped the greyhound would at least stand up again.

Hannah and her parents coordinated their schedules to support the greyhound’s rehabilitation. As such, someone was always available to stimulate Faith’s nerves, stretch her muscles, and help her relearn to walk day after day.

Just three weeks later, Faith was taking tentative steps with a custom harness. A few more weeks after that, she didn’t need the harness anymore. The greyhound’s legs were still wobbly, but they could already support her weight.

Six months after her stroke, Faith was jogging with her family and her canine brother, another greyhound named Aberdeen. And one year later, she was chasing Aberdeen around their yard like she used to.

Hannah observes that Faith runs a tad slower now. But considering her grim prognosis a year ago, the greyhound’s speed doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that she’s still here, bringing joy to her family’s lives after her miraculous recovery. Watch Faith’s story in the video below:

Source: itsagreytlife on Instagram


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