Everybody makes an error at some point in their lives. Despite the mistake’s gravity, the most important thing to do is to ask for the forgiveness of the person you erred.

However, a guilty Shiba Inu shows us the proper way to ask for one’s forgiveness. There’s no need for flowery words to express remorse. A cute pose matched with an adorable facial expression will surely do the trick.

Mom, I’m sorry.

In the video, one can initially notice a modern bedroom with shiny wooden tiles and minimal furniture. However, instead of entering into a sparklingly clean room, you’ll see that various objects lay on the floor.

As you look closely, you’ll see that an adorable Shiba Inu’s sitting in the middle of the mess on the floor. Aside from some random stuff scattered on the flooring, the clutter primarily consists of ripped paper.

Though the camera didn’t capture the pooch’s mischievous actions, one can deduce what this Shiba Inu did. Add that the pooch wears the most peculiar guilty expression, it’s hard not to assume that the Shiba Inu’s responsible for this messy crime.

Will you still forgive me?

Amid the mess on the floor, the Shiba Inu remains calmly seated. The pooch continues to sit still while adorning the guiltiest facial expression that it could muster.

Even as the camera moves closer, the canine chooses to remain glued to the spot. Perhaps for the dog, since fur parent caught him in the act, he might as well act responsibly for it.

As soon as the camera reaches the sitting dog, the Shiba Inu quickly makes eye contact with it. The Shiba Inu then squints its eyes, leaving them half-closed. The dog continues this pose for a few heart-stopping seconds before the video comes to an end.

Do you think the pooch’s fur parent accepted its apology? If you can’t wait to find out, check the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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