For dog lovers, their furry buddies are more like a family member. Including their pets in family portraits have become extremely popular. That is particularly true for newly-engaged couple Alfredo da Silva and Joyce Greffe of southwest Brazil.

As preparation for their upcoming wedding in September, the soon-to-be-married couple booked a photographer for their prenuptial photo shoot. They hired professional lensman Nicolas Carrelo to capture the extraordinary moments. When he was told that the couples’ 9-month-old four-legged puppy Thor will join his pawrents in the shoot, he didn’t think too much of it.

Joyce guaranteed Nicolas that the pup is well-behaved and is naturally calm and sweet. The fur mom’s assurance transpired to be ridiculously incorrect. It became apparent once the photo session started that the pup was managing the entire show.

At every photo shoot, the photographer is the creative director that leads the subjects to create a story. With Thor around, everything was not the same – he directs and sets all the scenes.

Each photo is even more hilarious than the last. Nicolas, Alfredo, and Joyce had a wonderful time laughing the entire session.

Because of Thor’s antics, Nicolas was only able to present 80 out of 1,500 pictures captured during the shoot. A lot of the images taken were unfit for engagement photos. Nevertheless, no one disagrees that the dog’s energy and the funny expressions added an entirely new level of awesomeness to the pictures.

Nicolas enjoyed the day so much that he uploaded on his Instagram page a bunch of the funniest photos of Thor. He was amazed and pleased when the photos go viral with more than 20 million likes after just a  couple of days. Having worked for more than ten years, the shutterbug finds it unbelievable that his lucky break came because he captured Thor’s tomfoolery.

Source: Nicolas Carrelo Fotografia via Instagram


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