It’s colder, harsher and lonelier if you live on the streets, and it gets really sad if you are alone. Luckily for Cesar, a homeless man, he found some buddies to keep him company.

These dogs have been with Cesar for some time now, and they’ve formed a bond similar to a family. One time, these dogs even visited Cesar when he got admitted in a hospital. They have a lot in common, but the thing that was obviously different is the number of their legs, but this difference doesn’t stop them from loving each other like real family.

This story occurred in a hospital in Brazil and was shared by a nurse who was working on there. One night, while the nurse was working at Hospital Regional Alto Valle, Rio Do Sol, Brazil, she saw something out of the ordinary. At that time, around three in the morning, Cesar was at the emergency room. He was discussing to the staff about his illness that would require medication and treatment

This is the time the Brazilian nurse saw something unusual. Just outside the hospital door, there were dogs that seemed to be waiting for someone. They looked like they were waiting for Cesar’s return.

Cesar was a kind man. He prioritized the health of the dogs before his own health. He often gives up his food so that the dogs have food to eat. The nurse shared that all the dogs look healthy. Despite being street dogs, they were well fed and Cesar took care of them nicely. The nurse also said that Cesar has the best companions. The nurse let the dogs in so they won’t feel scared anymore by being separated from their owner. The hospital fed them, too. After an hour, Cesar was discharged from the hospital.

Here’s the video of the homeless man’s buddies visiting him in the hospital.

Video credit MY DOGS


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