Exercise is important

Dogs love to run and jump and play, and that is a good thing! Exercise is essential for dogs to keep them healthy. However, it is also essential to keep them from overheating.

Here are some ideas to make sure they are both having fun and maintaining a cooler temperature.


It is important to keep their temperatures down for health reasons. Since dogs aren’t made for the heat, it can be easy for heat stroke to occur. Finding ways to cool them down is vital.

Dogs already have some intuitive ways of keeping themselves cooler. For example, they may naturally seek out a particularly shady spot or look for a drink of water. They are also likely to begin panting since they are not able to sweat.

Cool during exercise

Dogs are most likely to start overheating while exercising, especially if they aren’t used to physical activity. Exercise is when you’ll want to be the most aware of how your dog is doing. Observe them and look for signs that they are beginning to overheat.

Something to help counteract this is exercising during times of the day that are cooler. Make sure you’re prepared with plenty of water to keep them from dehydrating. You can also try to stay in areas that are cooler or that have more shade whenever possible.

How will I know my dog is getting hot?

One of the most prominent signs your dog is getting too hot is that they won’t stop panting.

Another sign is your dog may whine.  Another telling sign is that they start trying to lay down and will not exercise with you anymore.

These are all signs that your dog is beginning to overheat, but it is not too late.

How can I tell if my dog has a heatstroke?

Many signs will tell you your dog has gotten a heatstroke. Some of these signs include your dog being unable to respond to your voice, stumbling, seizures, and fainting. If these things have occurred, you’ll want to take action immediately.

What to do if a heatstroke has occurred

If your dog has already gotten a heatstroke, it is important to get them out of the heat quickly. Get the water as soon as possible and try getting some cold air in their direction. You can also put some water on their fur, but make sure it isn’t too cold.

Pay attention

The most important thing is to pay attention to your dog and watch how they are acting and be ready to help them if they begin overheating. They want to be outside exercising, and that’s good for them! Your dog will be fine if you are aware of your surroundings and help them when necessary!



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