four-legged friends

Do you have one or more canine roommates? Would you like to learn how to live with your four-legged friends without stepping on their paws?

Our pets do so much good for our wellbeing. The least we can do is make their homes as comfortable as possible. But since we can’t talk to them, how do we really know what they want?

If you’re interested in helping your dogs live their best life, we like you already. They deserve nothing but the best. Keep reading to learn how to keep their tails wagging.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Do you have a dog or two? Are you planning on getting on really soon? If not, you really need to consider where you are going in life and get your priorities straight.

Dogs are our best friends. Spending time with a dog triggers the release of endorphins that relieve stress and make you feel good. This is great for people with anxiety. 

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that dogs save lives. They’re absolutely beautiful and fun to play with. They are emotional, loyal creatures that deserve nothing but the best.

Hosting Four-Legged Friends

Having dogs is a big responsibility. It’s not terribly complicated but it does require a certain amount of dedication over a period around ten years or more.

They deserve food, medical care, respect, and affection. If you can’t guarantee them this, it is best you reconsider.

Having a dog or cat can truly change your life for the better. Before you make the jump, just make sure you’re ready to be a good host.

Designing a ‘Dog-Proof’ House

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. And they love to eat.

They tend to follow their nose to find food and other things of interest. This can lead them to trouble if they eat something they shouldn’t

Follow these tips to keep them safe and happy.

Keep Em Separated

Dogs love to eat human food and, honestly, it’s adorable. Unfortunately, they can get very sick so you should avoid this at all costs.

Chocolate, coffee, and grapes are just a few examples of human foods that are toxic to dogs.

Keep any food that dogs might try to eat out of reach. Keep the cupboards shut. Do not feed even if they make the ‘pretty please’ face.


The bathroom is where many of us store potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals. Also, many dogs see the toilet as a community water bowl.

It’s definitely a good idea to close the cupboards, closets, and the toilet lid. Better yet, keep the bathroom door closed.


Falls can result in broken bones and damage to the internal organs. 

High-rise syndrome occurs when a cat falls from a height of two stories or more. Cats love to hang out near a high ledge to observe their surroundings. They can get fall asleep or otherwise get distracted and fall.

Don’t let your cats hang out on ledges or near open windows without screens.

Dangerous Chemicals

In a way, living with a dog is a lot of living with a furry baby. They love to explore and put everything in their mouths.

If you have children, you’ll know what we are talking about. There are simply so many toxic chemicals within modern homes.

Keep these chemicals safely stored in cupboards and cabinets out of reach of your pets. Antifreeze, in particular, needs to be guarded because the smell and taste attract animals.

Pet Rooms

Today, the trend is to have at least 1.5 dog rooms. In house pets might do well with a space of their own. 

Of course, it isn’t feasible for every pet to have their own bedroom. It is a good idea, however, to designate pet-friendly rooms and rooms they aren’t allowed to enter.

In a pinch, you can’t always toss things you don’t want them to touch in the room and close the door.

Pet-Friendly Furniture

Some furniture just isn’t made for cats and dogs. The average person can’t spend thousands of dollars buying and fixing couches and blankets.

Animals have a hard time understanding the value of imported leather. It’s not their fault that they shed and have sharp nails. Over time they can stain and scratch leather and other fabrics.

However, there is nothing better than spending some time on the couch with our loved ones. Fortunately, there is furniture made of fabrics that are pets friendly. We recommend avoiding light colors and/or selecting a tone that is similar to the color of your pet.

Pet Companions

Sadly, many of us can’t spend as much time with our pets as we would like. It might make sense to get another pet to accompany it when you’re not around.

Of course, you have to make sure they can get along OK but it could be great for both of them. Also, photoshoot opportunities are sure to be priceless and adorable.

Before you leave them alone all day, make sure there is enough space for all of them. Hopefully, each dog will have their own bed, food, and water bowls and room to play.

Tile Flooring Vs. Carpet

In the vast majority of cases, tile flooring is superior to carpets for pet owners (and most everyone else).

It looks great and is easier to clean. You don’t have to worry about stains and weird smells in cases of an accident.

Also, carpets accumulate a lot of dust and hair, especially for pet owners. When people walk on the carpet, this gets lifted in the air and we breathe it. People with asthma and other allergies can be negatively affected.

Running the Doggy Hotel

No home is complete without at least a dog or two. They provide protection, entertainment, and the best type of companionship.

All our four-legged friends need in return is some food, affection, and security.

Check out our blog for more articles about dogs and how to care for them.


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