Dogs are known for consuming all sorts of things and, most importantly, food as this is a necessity. Sometimes they might also eat plastic, toilet paper, and, worst, other dogs’ feces. You don’t want your pet to die due to accidentally eating something toxic.

When the situation is a matter of life and death, your first course of action is emergency first aid. In the case of a dog swallowing something toxic, making them vomit is the best thing to do. An exception is during situations where your dog has swallowed a sharp object.

When exactly should you make your dog vomit?

When you see your dog ingesting something that is harmful or toxic, make them vomit immediately. If it has been more than an hour or two after the consumption, timing is important when deciding to make your dog vomit. You don’t want to take too long before the damage gets to the point of being irreparable.

Another important thing to note is that this procedure should only be done if you are not near a hospital or a veterinarian otherwise only an expert should perform this procedure. If you’re not sure what substance was so swallowed there is no need for you to do this. At least not yet.

If you make them vomit while they have a corrosive chemical inside them, it’s going to cause damage to their esophagus. Never try to make them vomit if you know the item they swallowed is edgy. Further harm is going to happen if you do so.

Using hydrogen peroxide

The is considered the best choice to take if you want to make canines vomit. Take the weight of the dog in kilograms and make sure the number of milliliters corresponds to it. Here is how you use this to make your dog vomit.

Mix your hydrogen peroxide with water in a small bowl. Suck in the mixture using a syringe that doesn’t have the needle. Spray the mix in your dog’s mouth using the syringe. After that, wait fifteen minutes.

Make sure the dog is awake. Keep them active by making them walk or do a physical exercise. Sooner or later, they are going to vomit.

Give them more if they haven’t vomited yet. After making them vomit the last thing you do is take them to the veterinarian as soon as you can.

After the ordeal is done make sure to keep an eye on your dog. You don’t want them ingesting yet another dangerous substance right after they are cured. Provide them with proper food and keep the feeding routine consistent. Furthermore, make sure they aren’t bored, so they won’t go about eating random stuff.

This article is written for the same of emergency situations that involve needing to make a dog vomit. Verified advice from a veterinarian is still the best source you can have.

Remember to take care of your dog well to prevent such cases from happening again soon. Take care of your dog and enjoy their company while they are still with you.


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