Why can it be so hard to get good pictures of your dog?

Dogs are constantly acting adorable, but it can be so hard to take a good picture of them. They often come out blurry and difficult to see. This is probably because your dog is active, and quickly moves before you can get a nice picture.

Here are some ideas that will help you get better pictures of your dog!

Make the camera familiar

If your dog has never seen a camera, it’s going to make it much harder to take good pictures of them. Allow your dog to smell and investigate your camera to help them become familiar with it. You can even take some picures while they are getting acquainted with it so that they can get used to that sound as well.

Make your dog feel comfortable

It will be much easier to take pictures of your dog when they are feeling comfortable and calm. Take care of any needs your dog may have like food, water, and the bathroom. You can even try playing with them or scratching them to make them feel happy.

This way, your dog will be ready for pictures with no distractions.

Take pictures with your dog

The goal may be to get nice pictures of your dog on their own, but taking pictures with them may be helpful. This will help them become even more familiar and comfortable with the camera. This can also help to keep them happy and show them that pictures are a good thing.

Have treats ready

Your dog is always going to be happy when given treats. This will also give them a desire to do the things you are wanting to get some great pictures. One idea is to put a treat directly on top of your camera to keep their eyes up on you.

Do your photo shoot in a comfortable place

Again, it’s going to be easier to complete the photo shoot if your dog is comfortable. If you decide you want to take pictures at the pond near your house, your dog will probably want to be exploring. Take the pictures in a place your dog knows well to keep them comfortable and focused.

Make the photo shoots fun

When taking pictures with your dog, you want to be able to photograph their personality. Making the photo shoots fun will help with that. Ways to do this involve doing fun activities with them to keep them engaged.

Be patient with your dog

Even with all of these ideas to help your dog stay happy and engaged, it is still going to be more difficult than a photo shoot with your friends. Remember that they are not used to having photo shoots taken of them, and they don’t understand what you are trying to do. For these reasons, you will need to have more patience with them.

More than anything, remember that this is supposed to be fun. Enjoy spending this time with your pet!


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