Taking care of a pregnant dog isn’t easy. It takes a certain amount of practice and dedication to get it right. Don’t worry, with the right information is perfectly doable.

Dog pregnancies can fall on either simple or complex just like in the case people. Dog pregnancy can also have a number of external factors that can greatly affect it, such as the environment, genetics, and more.

You need to be able to understand everything about a dog pregnancy in order to become a responsible dog owner.

Dog breeding is not an activity to be done if you’re not going to take it seriously. Also, consider the fact that the newborn puppies will also be under your care until they get adopted or so. This is why taking care of the mother is very crucial.

Knowing if your dog is pregnant

This may seem like a question that shouldn’t be asked but there are instances when a dog pregnancy isn’t obvious. Some of the signs that are often shown by pregnant dogs might actually be a case of imbalance of hormones. This is why it’s hard to actually tell.

Make your vet check for signs of hormone secretion called relaxin, they can also check and feel the dog’s abdomen for bumps, usually a sign there is a fetus in the canine’s uterus.

Things to do if your dog is confirmed pregnant

Puppies have a short development period so make sure to avoid making mistakes that can greatly affect their health. Take a look at these steps to make sure you are doing the right thing during dog pregnancies.

Make sure the birthplace is already prepared

It might seem early but if you have a dedicated place for birth giving and train your dog to use that place then the process will be easier once the time comes.

Make sure their diet is nutritious and healthy

Also, note that there is a difference in food intake during the first half of the dog’s pregnancy. Gradually add intake depending on what stage of pregnancy the dog is.

Make sure they get enough exercise

The mother dog needs to be strong in preparation for birthing the puppies. The muscles are also important for them to develop since they will be carrying the weight of their developing pups.

Make sure they aren’t stressed for environments

Two things can happen. Your dog will either seek more attention or be more withdrawn during the course of the pregnancy. This means you have to be sensitive to what is causing them stress if ever they choose to get more attention from people.

Make sure to ask the vet for recommended medication

A lot of medications will be needed before and during pregnancy. Make sure to always check with your vet and follow specific instructions on how to administer each medicine to your pet.

Make sure to be there when your dog is giving birth

Some dogs hate being watched during the time they give birth. Still, as the owner, it is important for you to be there during this wonderful time.


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