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Just like military personnel, service dogs likewise retire from their functions from this line of work. This is to give their body and mind the rest they deserve from a tumultuous work environment. After their service, it is just apt to provide these dogs with the rest and care they deserve.

Project K-9 Hero makes sure that this is a reality among the dogs they hire. In a Facebook post, the organization explained that they are dedicated to making sure that the military dogs are well taken care of after their tour of duties.

According to Project K-9 Hero, while the state meets the medical costs as well as the basic needs of the dogs they are working at, these benefits no longer apply when they retire. This is where the organization’s work comes in. They make sure that the benefits would be applied after the dogs retire.

For the organization, it is essential to give these dogs assurance and a better future since they also served the country. Jason Johnson, the brainchild behind the organization, is passionate about this advocacy. For him and his group of like-minded individuals, these dogs are valuable.

Jason said that if not for the services of these dogs, the job of military personnel would be harder. He added that they make sure that after their duties with the military, the dogs would find a forever home.

According to Jason, the organization receives funding from people who believe in their work. They call these people as sponsors. One sponsor provides for the expenses of the K-9, which would total to $3,000 for the remainder of the dog’s life. This figure will be allotted for the dog’s medical expenses as well as living expenses. Jason said that whatever is lacking, the organization will provide for it and will look for other sponsors.

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