Nubby’s front legs were nowhere in sight when he came into this world. He may have two limbs missing, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s just like any dog out there. The only thing unusual about Nubby is the fact that he relies on his trusty hind legs to help him explore and experience how beautiful this world is.

Mark and Lou’s journey

Lou received the call about Nubby two years ago. She asked her husband Mark if he was willing to take care of a dog that had two front legs missing, and he agreed. The reality of the situation hit them both when Lou came home with Nubby.

Although the couple experienced difficulties in taking care of him, they still did their best to give him the best quality of life. They re-constructed some parts of their house to make it easy for Nubby to move around. It was also their way of making him feel that he’s just as lovable and special as their other dogs.

Here to stay

Things were going well until the couple discovered that their fur baby was suffering from aspiration pneumonia. He got so sick that they had to rush him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  Albeit having breathing difficulties, Nubby still kept smiling.

His trips to the hospital did not end there. When he got older, Mark and Lou had to rush him to the hospital for pancreatitis. It took him a while to recover, but when the doctors gave him the go signal to go home, he got very excited.

Ball of sunshine

Nubby is cheerful, intelligent, active, caring, and loving. This ball of sunshine would not be the happy dog that he is today if it weren’t for the love and affection Mark and Lou showered him all these years.

Credits to Nubby Bowlin


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