Owning a dog is a beautiful experience. They bring joy to your life and provide you with good companionship. A dog can also teach you a few new tricks about life. One of the first things you will realize is there are only two parts to a day: mealtime, and everything else.

Here are a few lessons learned about food and a couple more about the less important stuff.

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We’ve all seen food that we want. Typically, people will either buy what they want or talk themselves out of it. Dogs have a better take. Shamelessly beg for the food. If that doesn’t land you the snack, intensely stare at it until you are drooling from your bottom lip. Someone will probably toss you the snack now.

Just because you can’t see any food does not mean there isn’t any food. Try glaring from under the table at someone, and they will more than likely hand over whatever they’re eating.

At mealtime, dive into your food as you would into a pool. Don’t even think of coming up for air until you’re well past twenty minutes from finishing your food. Remember, just because your plate is empty does not mean it’s time to stop eating.

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Any piece of food is fair game until someone else has actually swallowed it. If it’s been touched or even sampled by another, you can still totally claim it as your own. Talk about waste-free living!

A valuable lesson:  any time that is not mealtime is considered naptime. If someone is calling out for you, take a snooze in the middle of the driveway, or any street.

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There are only two facial expressions you ever need to have: absolute elation or nothing at all.

When playing ball, humans get it all wrong. Dogs have taught us that you can throw the ball and return it, or you can receive a ball and eat it. This is the favored way, of course.

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Last, but not least, any open car door is your invitation to jump in. Once you’re in, the only thing you should be worrying about is getting into the front seat or getting out of the car. Lessons learned!


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