Trying out something new isn’t a daunting thing to do. As change is the most constant thing in this world, doing a new activity would allow you to explore more capabilities and possibilities that you can do.

But, it looks like a Newfoundland named Samson isn’t eager with her sister dolling him up with a new look. Though the pooch’s not complaining verbally, one can see how much Samson wants his little sister to remove the headgear she put on him.

Aww! You look so cute!

In this video, one can initially see Samson, an adorable Newfoundland puppy, sitting obediently on their living room floor. Though there’s nothing peculiar with the pooch’s behavior, one can notice that Samson’s wearing a flowery headband.

Soon after, Samson’s sister named Sierra approaches him. As soon as Sierra reached Samson, she gave the pup some delicious treats before backing away a few steps from him.

Sierra then commented on Samson’s look. Seeing this, Mom then decided to ask Sierra whether she’s responsible for the pooch’s new look.

Go away! Don’t go near me.

The moment Mom finished asking her question, Sierra instantaneously replied with a resounding yes. Once again, Sierra goes near Samson to praise the pooch for his pretty looks.

Mom agrees with Sierra’s comments as she doles some praises for the pooch as well. However, when Sierra told her that Samson loves his new look, Mom doesn’t enthusiastically agree with her remarks.

To confirm her hunch, Mom redirected the question towards Samson. Even before Mom finished asking her question, Sierra approached the dog to whisper something in his ear.

However, it seems Samson isn’t pleased with Sierra’s musings as he quickly sauntered towards a corner of the room. By the looks of it, Samson isn’t delighted with the newest accessory his sister gave him.

But, do you think Mom’s hunch was correct? If you wish to see the pooch’s reactions personally, check the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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