A shelter dog named Roofus Floofus has been waiting to get adopted by a loving family for so long. He is a sweet, smiley, and fluffy dog. However, he’s been staying at an animal shelter called Lifeline Animal Project in Georgia for more than two years already.

The staff members at the animal shelter give him plenty of love; however, a home with a loving family would be so much better for him. Roofus Floofus needs a family who can love him unconditionally.

For Roofus’s seventh birthday, the staff organized a party to help this adorable pup feel loved and also get adopted. And the cute pictures taken during this event were irresistible.

Roofus is a good boy. But unfortunately, the longer an animal stays at a shelter, the less their personality shines through. He’s used to seeing humans come and go. And now, it’s difficult for him to get excited about shelter visitors anymore. Thus, he acts aloof and shy when people meet him. However, staff members and volunteers know that is not his true personality.

It is difficult for the pup’s true personality to show at a noisy shelter. However, if someone’s willing to show patience and give him a chance, he will be super friendly. When he gets taken outside throughout the day, he comes to life.

Roofus has many other positive qualities as well. He loves the outdoors but doesn’t need so much exercise and is usually calm and sweet. Moreover, he is house-trained and gets along well with other dogs. This pup has plenty of good manners and is even respectful around food.

Indeed, Roofus Floofus deserves a loving family and home. And that is why the shelter gave him the birthday of a lifetime. As he’s been staying at the animal shelter for so long, any excuse to get out is exciting. Moreover, he had lots of dogs and humans to celebrate his birthday. However, a birthday at a shelter isn’t the same as that with a forever family.

If you or anyone you know wants to foster or adopt him, you can contact LifeLine Animal Project. He’s at the shelter on Presidential Drive in Atlanta. Hopefully, his next birthday party is in a loving home!

Credits to LifeLine Animal Project


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