Puppies may be young and inexperienced, but they’re loyal. Their protective and faithful traits are what make them admirable. We’re glad that we have pups in our lives.

These male and female Siberian Husky siblings sure are adorable. They’re so cute that everyone wanted to hold them close. Brother Husky allowed people to pet them, but he watched everyone warily.

He was okay with people giving body rubs, but he didn’t like it when people took his sister away from him. Although it was a temporary separation, this older bro didn’t fancy it one bit.

He huddled close to his younger sis and kept her close. The protective brother wrapped his front paws around his sibling and stayed that way.

People had to pet them together, and although he didn’t show aggression, this male pup made his point clear. It’s pretty hard to miss your point with your paws practically all over your sis, pet!

Someone tried to take the younger pup away, but big brother didn’t let that happen. The younger fluffball let her bro take care of her, and it was delightful to watch.

We’re not sure how many people tried to take the younger one away, but we think this big brother had had enough. He stood on his hind legs, then placed his upper paws on her sisters, and flexed his mighty jaws.

They were big, and anyone who saw that thought twice about crossing this protective Husky. We have no doubt he’d do anything for his younger sister, and we’re all for it.

This little sis is so lucky to have a loving and protective older sibling. While we could say that all dogs watch out for each other, this one took his responsibility a notch higher.

Way to go, big bro! Continue protecting your sister. We hope you guys get adopted together, and that you never part ways in this life.

Credits to RM Videos via YouTube


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