A US Lance Corporal named Tommie Johnson had to stay for an extended time in his base in Eastern Europe because of the pandemic. Because the stay had become monotonous, the morale around the base became depressing.

However, their moods improved when Johnson, together with his fellow marines, found six pups abandoned on the roadside. The pups were surely not in good shape, and one of them seemed injured.

The marines brought the injured pup to the vet clinic. There, they found out that she had a broken leg and a fractured hip. Fortunately, she was already healing. However, the marines only had to watch over her to ensure she’s healing properly.

All the pups needed heartworm treatment and some attention. But despite this new responsibility, the homesick marines were happy to help. The puppies helped lift their moods.

Out of the six pups, Johnson became especially attached to the injured one. He even named her “Blessing.” He said that his fellow marines kept saying that it’s a blessing that the pup survived. Thus, he figured it would be a fitting name for her.

However, when Johnson had to leave the base, he had to leave Blessing, although he wanted to bring her home. Military regulations do not allow animals on official transportation. Fortunately, there is an organization that assists in this kind of situation.

Operation Baghdad Pups is a program organized by SPCA International, an animal welfare organization, that helps military personnel bring home animals they bonded with while serving outside the US. To comply with US regulations, they vaccinate all animals 30 days before their travel to the US.

With the help of the SPCA, Blessing and her littermates traveled to New York City. And after a couple of days, Blessing continued traveling down to Hapeville, Georgia. And there, the pup finally reunited with the marine who rescued her.

Upon their reunion, the sweet pup recognized Johnson right away. When the marine opened her crate, she immediately jumped on him. The new fur dad even had some treats ready for her.

Credits to SPCA International


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