Dogs love music like we do! They will happily sing and dance to the beat.

Based on studies, dogs love reggae and soft rock. It is also revealed that classical music makes dogs calm, and fast-paced heavy metal music makes the dogs agitate.

However, with patience and determination, dogs can be taught to follow specific dance steps.

One Australian Shepherd learned the art of Irish step dancing!

Secret, an Australian Shepherd, living in Washington state, has been showing her talent and skills on her Instagram account. She and her fur mom, Mary, an 18-year-old teenage girl, would always be seen going outdoors, doing yoga, and doing chores at home. It is undeniable that Secret adores Mary so much that she wants to do everything with her all the time.

Before Secret came into Mary’s life, she had undergone service dog training. Mary has autism, so she needs a dog to help her do specific tasks to help her in her daily activities.

Mary and Secret’s Instagram account shows all the things that Secret can do. She can pack her things in a suitcase whenever they will go on a weekend holiday, help Mary in baking in the kitchen, pick items for Mary, among others. Secret is a smart dog!

One of the fantastic things that Secret can do is to do Irish step dancing.

Mary observed that Secret would always look at her whenever she practices her Irish step dancing skills. She then decided to teach Secret since her dog showed so much interest in dancing. With verbal cues and gestures, Secret was able to follow the steps at proper timing and rhythm.

Mary is an advocate of positive dog training. She also advocates clicker training on dogs. For Mary, when a dog is taught in a fun, positive environment, there is no limit on what a dog can do. Dog training should not always be strict and formal.

Continue to inspire people, Mary and Secret!

Photos courtesy of my_aussie_gal via Instagram


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