Dogs love to help their fur parents in any way they can. From household chores to simple tasks, our furry canines do everything to please their beloved family.

However, it looks like a particular puppy went a little bit overboard as a naughty thought flashed across its mind. Instead of merely removing the socks from its fur parent’s feet, the pooch turned the garments into its newest chew toy.

Mom, let me help you.

In the video, a curly-furred pooch sits obediently across its fur mom. At first glance, it looks like the pooch’s asking for something from Mom.

However, the mischievous pooch then starts looking at Mom’s pink socks. Before anyone could stop the dog, the naughty puppy took a quick nip on Mom’s right sock and attempted to take it off.

After yanking the sock away from Mom’s foot, the persistent puppy basked in its victory. The playful pup then gives the sock a vigorous shake before munching on its newest chew toy.

Your socks’ amazing, Mom!

As the video progresses, it looks like the pooch’s engrossed with its new-found toy. The dog then pulls the pink sock in all directions before taking a quick break from its feisty game.

But, it seems the puppy isn’t contented playing with one sock. As Mom’s still wearing the other pair of her pink socks, the mischievous pooch focuses its attention on it. The dog also wants to play with the other sock.

Without further ado, the playful pup yanked the remaining sock off Mom’s foot and shook it in all directions. Once the pooch had its fill of fun, it immediately drops the garment on the bed to gaze at Mom’s eyes.

How do you think Mom reacted towards the puppy’s crazy behavior? Click the video linked below for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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