Maggie Leptrone recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of West Georgia (UWG). She shared the stage with another graduate, her service dog, Mona. The pup got an honorary ‘dog-ree’ from the university and received a diploma to signify her degree in Bark-chelor of Science in Nursing.

Maggie was glad to share the spotlight with Mona. She was also happy to know that her loyal companion is a trailblazer at the University of West Georgia, for students like her who need a service dog. She also expressed her gratitude to all her professors who were considerate of her condition.

According to Maggie, she acquired Type 1 Diabetes as a child. In junior high school, there was an incident when her blood sugar level became dangerously low. She could not bring it up to the acceptable level, and she drifted to a mini-coma during her sleep. Her parents could not wake her up, and it scared them so much.

When Maggie recovered from the incident, her parents thought she should have something to detect changes in her sugar level. They decided to get her a diabetic alert dog when she got into college, and since then, Maggie and Mona became inseparable.

Mona got her training from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. She can smell changes in blood sugar level, which can be critical in diabetic people like Maggie. But, when she went to college with Maggie, she did not just sit and stay.

The ‘good girl’ attended all of the classes, laboratories, and clinical placements with her owner. Through her, Maggie pursued her passion for helping others without fear of any medical emergency. Indeed, Mona deserves the recognition that she received.

Best wishes to Maggie and Mona for your well-deserved success. May you inspire more ‘good girls and boys’ to get a ‘dog-gree’ in the future.

Photo credits to UWG.


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