Dogs are highly trainable animals. They can be taught a lot of things. They can also be trained to do exceptional tasks. Indeed, dogs are the best companions for humans.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now having a hard time observing social distancing when they need to go outside and buy the necessary items. The community quarantine also prevented elders from going outdoors as they are considered as highly vulnerable individuals to contract the virus.

Good thing that we can rely on our dogs to do things on our behalf.

Sunny, a Golden Retriever from Colorado, is one reliable dog!

Sunny helps out his elderly neighbor by bringing groceries to her. He became viral for his remarkable deed.

Renee Hellman, an elder, is in isolation and needs to observe social distancing. She is fond of Sunny that she gives him a belly rub every time she sees him.

Karen Eveleth, Sunny’s owner, has known Renee for more than ten years. When a community quarantine due to COVID-19 was implemented, she never hesitated to help her elderly neighbor. Renee is suffering from chronic respiratory problems and is highly dependent on an oxygen tank. People like Renee are likely to get COVID-19, so she decided to isolate herself.

Karen assured Renee that Sunny would be her delivery dog.

Sunny will get the grocery list from Renee, and Karen will go to the grocery to buy the items. After purchasing, Sunny will go back and deliver it to Renee.

Sunny is doing an exceptional job, being the delivery guy to his elderly neighbor. For the past weeks, Sunny never failed Renee in his task. Running to and from his neighbor’s house became his regular exercise too.

Sunny also made Renee feel good. With Sunny helping her out, she didn’t feel alone at all. Her interaction with Sunny became her form of communication with others.

Sunny, you’re a reliable dog!

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