Having your dog sleep in your bed next to you can be a comforting thing for any dog lover out there. But now, there have been studies that show how much better women sleep with their pooches next to them.

A pooch on your bed

Sleeping with your dog if you are alone in the bed or not is a normal thing for a lot of pet owners around the world. There has also been a lot of opposition about it, like the dogs hogging your space or waking you up at night. A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Anthrozoology takes a closer look at women’s sleep quality when sharing their beds with their dogs.

Comforting sleep with dogs

This study, based on a survey conducted from almost a thousand women, shows that dogs in bed disturb their sleep less than human bedpartners and provide a more comforting presence for them. It makes them feel more secure, enabling better sleep quality. This report also shows that women go to bed and wake up earlier when they share the bed with their pooches, making it a more regular sleep routine.

It also goes on saying that those who sleep with their cats don’t get that same feeling. In fact, it says that cats are as disruptive to sleep as human partners could be.

This is a relatively new study in regards to pets and a person’s sleeping habits, so the study admits that the subject will still need further research to determine things completely. However, a dog can indeed bring someone comfort just being around them. So it only makes sense that they can provide that sense of safety even if you are asleep.

Check out this video about the study:

Source: Youtube | KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas


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