Imagine getting out of your classrooms and into the school grounds one day. Everything looked normal until you see a bear on a leash there. We bet you’d either run, or you’d keep your distance.

These school kids at St. Paul’s in Concord, New Hampshire did the opposite. When they saw this Newfoundland named Millie, they came up to her to say hi.

The gaggle of kids soon swelled. Millie’s owner must have thought of getting the Newf away from them. That’s what a responsible parent would do, but then the kids started touching Millie.

They began doing high-fives with her, and when she responded calmly, everyone relaxed. They realized that Millie was friendly despite her size.

After the first boy’s success at interacting with the giant Millie, others followed suit. You could see that they were apprehensive at first. That didn’t stop them from experiencing the Newf up close.

Other kids followed suit, but the first boy was so smitten that he had to do it again. His older friend or brother had to move him away from Millie to make sure nothing untoward happened.

Millie stayed put and didn’t act aggressively towards anyone. Her owner kept close guard, and we could understand why. No one wants a huge Newfoundland to get angry.

The kids had fun with Millie, and we think that the Newf also felt the same. After all, it’s nice to get into a bit of paw-play with little hoomans other than his wards.

We bet the St. Paul community didn’t expect to see a massive pet on school grounds that day. From afar, Millie did` look like a bear cub. Other than that, she behaved just like any other fur pets around.

Kudos to Millie’s parents and to the kids who were careful about interacting with her. Everyone looked like they had fun, and we hope there’s more in the future!

Photo and video credits to beach0915 via YouTube


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