Humans love dogs so much that we created several events dedicated to them. Sometimes these events are held to celebrate our friendship with them, and sometimes they are created so that dogs can showcase their skills. However, there are several events that benefit all dogs, not just the ones who’ve already found their forever families.

One of these is the Bark in the Park event. It’s the perfect opportunity for New York Mets fans who are also dog parents, to enjoy the game that they love with the animals that they love. Before the Mets moved to Citi Field in 2009, they played at the Shea Stadium, and back then, the event was called “Dog Day at Shea.”

This event was in cooperation with the North Shore Animal League. Even if the team moved to another stadium, and the event was renamed, the goal remains the same. They want to raise awareness about shelter dogs in the area, and they want to raise funds for the rescue group.

Mets fans who bring their pups to watch the game will be seated at a special section along with the other fans who brought their dogs. Dog parents will also be required to pay a “dog ticket” for their pooch to enter. It may seem wrong to charge these beautiful babies, but there’s a good reason for that.

The funds raised from the dog tickets and the tickets of the dog parents will be donated to the North Shore Animal League. This is the MLB team’s way of raising funds for the non-profit group. Dog parents and their pups can also join the dog parade, which takes place before the game, and if the weather permits it.

So these eager fans come to the stadium two hours before the game so that they can join the parade. Everybody loves seeing the pups in their NY Mets accessories. This 2020, the Bark in the Park event had to be canceled because of the COVID-19 crisis, but fans can definitely expect that this will come back once everything goes back to normal.

Credits: Dog Files


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