We thought that we chose the dog that would be a part of our family, but it’s the dog who chooses us.

One police officer from New York rescued a dog from an abandoned building. The dog immediately ran towards her rescuer, and now they’re living together on one roof. It’s indeed a real demonstration of the love of the dog to her rescuer.

NYPD Police Officer Joshua Sailor discovered a puppy locked behind a metal gate of an abandoned building near Farmers Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens. It was an eight-month-old black, white pit bull chained near the fence, with little room for her to stand. The dog poked her head at the gap so that she could reach for her rescuers.

As soon as Officer Sailor freed the dog, she immediately ran towards her and looked at him as if she was thanking him.

It was observed that the dog was skinny. When Officer Sailor further investigated, he saw that the dog chewed a part of the wall, assuming that she ate it or was bored.

The rescued dog was brought to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for further assessment and for rehoming.

However, Officer Sailor can’t seem to forget the dog. It gives him a feeling that it is love at first sight; that is why he went back to ASPCA to adopt her formally. He later named the dog Mila.

Mila and Officer Sailor are inseparable, that his girlfriend starts to get jealous of the dog! Mila and Officer Sailor would always go on walks in the park during his free time from work.

ASPCA will honor Officer Sailor, other NYPD police officers, and district attorneys for their unrelenting fight against animal cruelty.

Thank you, Officer Sailor, for your love and care for abandoned dogs like Mila.

Screenshots from PIX11.com


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