A professional athlete’s life is enviable. They get paid to do what they love. They literally get to play for work.

If you think it’s too late for you to become a professional athlete, do not fret. Maybe it’s a dream you can pass down to somebody else in your household. One of your children, perhaps?

Or maybe your canine companion? Yes, that’s possible. Dogs can become professional athletes too.

Nope, there’s no professional sports league for dogs as of this writing. But that might change after the powers that be get to see our featured video. Here we have dogs playing sports like a pro.

The first clip from the video is of a dog playing American football. He’s a skilled runner, and he’s got a good grasp of the ball. He’s a powerful quarterback in the making.

We also have a bowler dog in the video. He preps with a ball in his mouth. He then tosses the ball, and it knocks down the pins at once.

A black labrador plays pool volleyball with his humans. This labrador perfectly understands the game’s objective. That’s to keep the ball in the air.

Some puppies play soccer. They kick at the ball aggressively. They know soccer’s about speed and precision.

We’d love to see all of these dogs in a professional league. That would be the most awesome thing that could happen to an ardent dog fan. Imagine a canine NBA where you have golden retrievers named LeBron or Kobe.

That would be a blast. We’re sure of the potential success and lucrativeness of this idea. So someone with lots of money better take note.

Or, if you know someone who can pull this thing off, why not pitch the idea to them? If you love dogs, that’s the least that you can do for them.

Thanks to Tiger Funnies


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