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This pit bull named Happy received so much support from his community in Pueblo, Colorado after he got adopted from a local animal shelter. Since he is a pit bull, many people misjudged the dog to be an aggressive and cruel pooch. In reality, though, the dog is like any other dog that is sweet and caring.

With the misplaced judgment Happy received from people around him, the animal shelter scheduled the pooch for euthanasia. But when Kent Hill learned about the dog’s ordeal, he came to the rescue. Kent told the volunteers of the animal shelter that he is willing to adopt the dog for good.

After hearing this, the volunteers warned Kent that the pooch was dangerous. Kent, though, did not mind and told the volunteers that he does not believe their claim. At first, the animal shelter rejected the man’s plea to adopt the pooch. However, when the community from Pueblo, Colorado, learned about the dog’s ordeal, they rallied behind Kent’s application. The community’s massive support was enough to let the animal shelter give the dog’s custody to Kent.

In an interview, Kent said that he did not believe what the volunteers said about Happy. This is because he believes that the pooch could also be good with proper guidance and training. Kent should know this because his current dog named Bruno likewise experienced the same discrimination.

Bruno, however, proved that he could be an excellent and trustworthy pooch. After receiving the green light to adopt Happy, Kent introduced the pooch to Bruno. The two dogs instantly had a connection and became friends. This is what Kent was saying that if given a chance, dogs will show their soft side.

Happy is now living with his newfound family. But more than this, the pooch has found the person who would trust him even if the world does not.

Credits to Funky Smile.


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