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Rush was a Pit Bull who has a noticeable sadness and fear all over his face the moment he was taken to a particular pet adoption facility. The life of a homeless and being abandoned are the reasons why he is feeling that way, so the staff of the animal shelter provided him many goodies and a comfortable bed, to make him be at ease.

After several days and weeks have passed by, Rush has come to realize that he must utilize this precious moment at the facility to look for himself a caring and a conducive place he can call home. One day, while the workers of the shelter walked through his den, they were stunned to notice the doggy assembling his couch.

Therefore, the employees are planning to conduct an investigation, and they discovered that Rush made it a habit to wake up early each morning to do self-care activities and build his bed by himself.

That routine activity of Rush is a product of mental preparedness. Of course, if ever there is an unexpected time that a hopeful adopter would pay a visit to the place, Rush would be taking a paw on his self-made and tidy couch, gazing up at them thoughtfully.

Inspired by what the brilliant dog has done, the staff decided to video Rush while doing his daily routine and post to the social media so that animal lovers can watch the video. They are also hoping that it would be a way for Rush to find his future family.

Fortunately, the filmed video became viral, and a lot of interested individuals instantly made an offer to take Rush for adoption.

A series of screening has been initiated, and, finally, Rush found his perfect adoptive parents and was brought home. His new family had a dog before but got lost. Now, Rush spends the rest of his life happily.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit SICSA Pet Adoption Center via YouTube


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