Some dog breeders can be really heartless when it comes to taking care of dogs. They would focus on generating income and less on taking care of the mother dog. This leaves these poor doggos abused and neglected.

Roxie the Pitbull was dropped off at the shelter by her hooman after she had just given birth to a litter of puppies. They’ve decided that they no longer have any use for Roxie so they didn’t want her anymore. The poor doggo was so skinny when she arrived and she was afraid of almost everything.

However, despite Roxie’s past, a couple named Ryan and Regine decided to adopt the doggo. When they first saw her at the shelter, they quickly fell in love with her and they knew that she was going to be a part of their life.

It took some time for Roxie to adjust to her new home. The couple even thought that the doggo’s tail was broken because it was always tucked in and wouldn’t move at all. But after staying with her forever family for a few months, she slowly warmed up to her hoomans and to her new house.

When Roxie was well-adjusted, she started wagging her tail so much, especially whenever she sees her hoomans. Roxie wasn’t used to having kind hoomans around her whose only focus is to love her and take care of her. But now, her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Roxie loves to chase her own tail and can be such a goofball at times which never fails to make her hoomans laugh. As she continued to grow in her new home, her true personality started showing up. Roxie is a really cheerful, smart, sweet, and a very clingy doggo who loves cuddling more than anything.

Even though she went through a very dark time in her life, Roxie has learned to move forward and celebrate the new leash on life that was given to her by her new hoomans. Now, Roxie never has to worry about getting left behind ever again.

Video Credit: GeoBeats Animals


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