Summer heat is really hard to beat. And it’s even more difficult if you are homeless and have zero protection against the harsh sun. But for stray dogs who have no home, a furry coat, no foot protection, it’s definitely way more challenging.

This hot season made a Pitbull, Buddy, take shelter in the truck of a couple and he refused to leave his post. Buddy made himself at home at the truck’s passenger seat and despite the couple’s effort to get him down, Buddy stood firm. They even tried to bribe him with roast beef to no avail.

The problem was that he was overheating and also dehydrated. After realizing this fact, the couple switched their strategy to give him water and a wet blanket. Eventually, after a few hours Buddy went down on his own but their short interaction left the couple in doubt if they should just let him leave.

They didn’t have the heart to let Buddy go on his own again so they took him home. And it didn’t take long before they finally decided that they were going to keep him. He was a very sweet dog and they definitely fell in love with them.

The more the couple got to know him, the more they enjoyed and cherished him. But right at the same time, they also felt sorry that he did not get the love and care that he deserved. Now, Buddy gets spoiled with treats, long walks, and even swimming. He’s showing personality and is just the sweetest and cuddliest ever.

It felt like everything had to happen that way so Buddy could finally meet his parents. For his parents, Emily and Garett, Buddy was a blessing. He became the perfect addition to their family. They were just grateful that Buddy chose to stay in their truck and adopted himself to them.

Source: YouTube via We Love Animals


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