Do you remember your first day at a new job? It probably felt nerve-wracking, which ended up with you being a fumbling mess. No sweat, though; after all, you’re still grasping around.

However, this police dog is one of the few who seems to know what he’s doing. On Max’s first day at his new job as the Dyfed-Powys Police department’s police dog, the 2-year-old canine didn’t hold back on his tracking skills. He and his handler, PC Peter Lloyd, tracked a missing mother and child!

Max is a newly licensed general-purpose K9 assigned to the Dyfed-Powys Police department. His job is mainly tracking and locating people, tracing property, and tracking and detaining suspects.

On August 1, Max officially started his first day at work. And just before midday, the department received a call reporting about the missing mother and child. The department immediately launched a search party to find the duo. The first thing they tracked was the woman’s car near a mountain road, which gave the officer an idea of the search area coverage.

Inspector Jonathan Rees-Jones said that this is the point where police dogs’ tracking skills come into play. Despite being a newbie, Max was deployed to start an open area search immediately.

The operations were also supported by an NPAS helicopter and the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team. As advised by a search expert, additional units were also deployed, as the searching area included woodland and a small reservoir.

After only an hour and a half after being deployed, Max and PC Peter Lloyd found the missing duo. They tracked them on the mountainside, near a steep ravine.

Inspector Jonathan Rees-Jones commended PC Peter Lloyd and Max for covering a large search area and successfully tracking the missing mother and child on time. Good job, you two!

Source: Heddlu Police Dyfed-Powys


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