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The story of this dog named Logan has enraged animal lovers across the world. This after a photo of the pooch showing his emaciated body surfaced on the internet. Adding to this miserable state was that his teeth got grounded down to the gums. According to the dog’s rescuers, the pooch got used as a bait dog.

When the rescuers from Detroit Pit Crew and Lenawee Humane Society rescued the dog, Logan was in terrible shape. As such, the volunteers took extra care so that the dog will not get hurt. After the rescue, Logan was then brought to a veterinarian to receive medical treatment. Fortunately, the dog’s condition became better after medical treatment.

As advised by the dog’s vet, Logan had to stay at the shelter for a while. The reason for this is for the vet to monitor the dog’s healing progress. Logan stayed for at least a week at the clinic. When the vet saw that the pooch was doing good, Logan received the green light to get transferred to an animal shelter.

At the shelter, the volunteers ensured that the pooch would receive the attention he needs. This is because they know that the dog is still recovering from all the traumas he experienced. The volunteers kept an eye to the pooch and ensured that other dogs would be gentle to him. In no time, the dog recovered from the injury and built a connection with other dogs.

After a few months of stay at the shelter, the volunteers found a loving home for the dog. Although the family’s identity was withheld for security purposes, the volunteers said that Logan would be in good hands. The family is even looking forward to celebrating the dog’s special day in his new house.

Credits to Lenawee Humane Society.


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