To average Americans like us, flying first class is a dream. Unfortunately, that dream is yet to become a reality. Imagine sitting in a cozy and spacious seat, getting the five-star treatment with food, drinks, and other amenities that just makes your flying experience a lot more enjoyable. But for now, we have to settle for crammed up economy seats with mediocre food and drinks.

To add to our misery, here’s Hank The Tank making us envious. This pup is a Saint Bernard mix who always flies first class. His mom, Kari Whitman, travels a lot for work and she needs Hank to be with her at all times. So if she flies first class, then Hank flies first class too. So why does Whitman always need her pooch by her side? Hank is actually a service dog.

Whitman has optical migraines, and sometimes she has seizures, and Hank is there to warn his mom before it happens. Some service dogs are specially trained to detect changes in their owner’s body using their acute sense of smell. Whenever they detect these changes, they alert their owners, so that they take preventive measures.

Hank, does a “cooing” sound to let Whitman know that she is about to have a migraine or a seizure. Thanks to Hank, she will know when to take her medicine to prevent whichever is about to happen to her. So, it’s crucial for Hank to be with her wherever she goes. Whitman is an interior decorator for A-list celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell, so she travels a lot for work.

It can be a challenge for Whitman to bring Hank with her every time she flies. Hank has a thyroid condition, and it made him overweight. They need to book a big taxi so that there will be space for Hank and his mom pushes him around the airport in a dolly. Good thing, the groundstaff and the airline crew are familiar with the pup, so everything from check-in to takeoff goes smoothly.

Credits: Inside Edition


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