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You’ve all heard stories about how dogs would become attached and pledge their loyalty to their owners. Some pups would even do extraordinary things just to show how devoted they are as a part of the family.  

The story of Panda and Lucy shows how dogs can get connected and loyal to each other as well. Their amazing display of strong friendship happened in the midst of the icy weather when one of them got injured. 

Panda and Lucy live together in the same household in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. However, in an unforeseen occasion, the two pups decided to have a little escapade away from home. Upon knowing that their two dogs got loose, the owner became frantic since the weather was very bad. 

Well, it seemed that the two wanderers set off to a nearby railway. However, Lucy got wounded due to an unknown circumstance. She was unable to walk, and she got stuck in a functional rail line.  

Panda, on the other hand, recognizing that his friend can’t get out of the danger zone, decided to stay by her side to accompany her instead. Poor pup, if only he could, he might have carried his injured buddy on his back. 

Notwithstanding the below-freezing temperature and the ghastly sound of trains passing by, the two dogs were able to survive until they got rescued. The owner of the pups was very grateful for their return, albeit they needed to get treated, particularly Lucy. 

The animal rescuers who responded to save the pups were dumbfounded by their affection. When they arrived at the scene, they witnessed how Panda would sit down beside Lucy upon hearing the sound of an upcoming train. They were able to stay safe because they would lower their head down every time a train passes through them.   

One of the rescuers was able to take a video of Panda and Lucy while they were stranded and how they managed to stay unharmed. 

Credit: Сергей Бобылев on Youtube


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