Dog rescues are probably the most dramatic videos you’ll ever watch.

You never know what to expect, and it keeps us on the edge of our seat.

In this next video, we join a group of animal rescuers called the Michigan Humane Society as they rescue dogs day in and day out.

In this particular rescue, they are called in about a family of dogs that have been living under an abandoned house.

According to neighbors, they hear the cries of tiny puppies coming from under the house. Fearing that they wouldn’t survive, they called in the rescue team.

When the rescue team arrived, they first snared the mother dog to prevent her from attacking them when they take out her puppies.

After securing the mother, a rescuer climbs down a hole under the house and takes the puppies one by one.

Once all are accounted for, they were taken back to the shelter where they were reunited with their mother.

After the successful rescue, the rescuers got an urgent call to rescue a puppy that had fallen into a pipe and got stuck there.

The puppy had been in the pipe for several hours already, and they needed to do the rescue as fast as possible.

Once the rescue team was in the area, they immediately got to work and got help from an excavating company to dig up the pipe.

Once a good enough hole was made, they cut through the pipe to see where the puppy was, but he was still a little further down the pipe, so they did a little more excavating.

After hours of hard work and determination, they finally got the puppy out of the pipe.

He was a little worse for wear; otherwise, he was doing okay.

Watch the rescue in the video below.

Source World Animal Awareness Society via Youtube


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