Whenever you see cute photos of puppies for sale on the internet, it’s highly likely that they came from puppy mills. This is why animal rescue organizations are advocating adopting rescue dogs living in shelters instead of buying them from breeders. A lot of animal rescue organizations are working closely with law enforcement agencies to help end the unethical practice of puppy mills.

A puppy mill in Georgia was discovered, and appropriate actions took place to rescue the dogs who were kept in cramped wire cages. The person who owned the puppy mill turned out to be a licensed breeder who since had his license revoked because of operating unethically. The Georgia puppy mill had hundreds of dogs kept in cages that were so cramped that there wasn’t room for the dogs to lay down.

A dog rescue group called Releash Atlanta pulled six dogs rescued from the puppy mill. One of the dogs is named Jordan, who ended up in Melissa’s care. Melissa is part of the Releash Atlanta team, and she fostered over five hundred dogs since she joined the group. Melissa also has dogs of her own that also helps by giving the foster dogs confidence.

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On the first night that Jordan stayed at Melissa’s home, he slept standing up. He didn’t know how to lie down. It was heartbreaking for Melissa to see that Jordan didn’t know what it’s like to be a dog. Jordan didn’t know what grass was, and he couldn’t even jump up on the couch.

Jordan wasn’t house trained and had to wear a diaper. Eventually, thanks to Melissa’s care, Jordan was able to learn how to be a dog. Jordan also started to show more of his real personality, and his condition improved every day.

Jordan finally recovered enough from the trauma he experienced from the puppy mill that he was ready to get adopted. Melissa prefers that Jordan should be adopted by a family willing to spend extra time with Jordan and that the family should have another dog that will teach Jordan more about being a dog. Melissa’s wish came true when a retired couple named Ann and Kinney found out about Jordan.

Ann and Kinney also had a dog named Bella, who they rescued and nursed back to health. Melissa couldn’t ask for more. Ann and Kinney was the perfect family for Jordan.

Bella and Jordan instantly became best friends. Bella showed Jordan his new home and taught her to run around the yard and play. Jordan became an entirely different dog. You wouldn’t even believe that Jordan came from such a horrible past. Here’s a heartwarming video of Jordan getting rescued and finding his forever home.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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