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The bond between a dog and his dad is unbreakable. When the tiny Cavalier puppy named Gunner was in the clutches of a terrifying alligator, his dad risked his own life and quickly came to the rescue.

After bravely surviving the horrendous attack, Gunner received a call from the Sheriff’s office.

Saving the day

Richard Wilbanks was a very dedicated dog dad. His love for his tiny Gunner was truly unmatchable. This was proved during a typical morning walk that ended with a heroic rescue mission.

As Richard and Gunner strolled through a local park, they passed by a huge pond. Out of nowhere, a huge alligator quickly jumped out and captured the tiny puppy by scooping him up in his mouth.

Richard was so surprised by how fast everything happened but his sole focus was on Gunner. He dove into the pond and bravely wrestled with the alligator. The reptile loosened his grip on the frightened pup and Richard quickly grabbed his small dog.

Gunner continued to tremble in fear but Richard felt so relieved. He carried the dog in his arms and went home. The two got in the car and drove to the local vet. Gunner was medically cleared of any serious injuries and was allowed to rest at one with his heroic father.

New title

The whole alligator incident went viral and reached the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Richard received a call from the office that asked him and his puppy to visit as soon as they could.

When the two finally got to the office, they were met with Sheriff Marceno that had exciting news. The sheriff told them that they wanted to honor Gunner for his tenacity and courageous fight for survival. Gunner got the title of “safety and security officer for Deputy Dogs.” and received a Sheriff’s pin.

Gunner was truly a resilient puppy. The Sherriff’s office hoped that the puppy’s story inspired more dog rescues and educated dog owners everywhere about safety when around wildlife.

Watch the heartwarming story below:

Video Source: Inside Edition via Youtube


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