The Novel Coronavirus is so highly-contagious that many of us had no choice but to stay inside our houses. Being kept inside our homes has made people very creative – not just in amusing themselves or earning money, but also when they need something from the store. Just like this Mexican man who suddenly had a craving for some cheese snacks.

20 dollars and a note

Antonio Munoz kept himself cooped up in his home in Mexico. Although there was no official order for them to stay indoors, he knew that keeping himself in quarantine would reduce his chances of getting the virus. But then, he had this deep urge to snack on some Cheetos.

There was a store in front of his home but despite the short distance, he didn’t want to put his health at risk. After pondering about the situation for a moment, he came up with an ingenious plan. Since animals rarely get affected, he decided to send his dog, a Chihuahua named Chokis, across the street.

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First, he took some pen and paper and wrote a note. In it, he told the shopkeeper to sell his dog a bag of Cheetos. He also said that he preferred the orange bag as the red variety was too hot for him. He also warned that if his dog was not treated right, there was a good chance she would bite.

He tucked 20 dollars and the note on his collar and sent her to the store.

Amazingly, Chokis found no problems crossing the empty street and going to the store’s front door. The owner saw her and took the note from the collar. Then after a short while, Chokis was running back to their home carrying an orange Cheetos bag in her mouth.

Antonio was so happy and amazed at what his dog has done that he took photos and posted them online. They quickly went viral, and numerous people positively commented on his post.

Chokis has become very good at shopping that she has done it several times after.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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