June 2 earlier this year, Pastor Jon Cavnar got into an accident where he sustained injuries. These injuries gave him limited mobility – and currently, the active pastor now relies on a wheelchair to help him move around. Doctors are currently uncertain if they could still help recover his injured leg. Unfortunately, the said accident didn’t just cause him physical injuries, he began to suffer from depression as well.

But his wife, Alexis was determined to make life better for Pastor Jon Cavnar. So, she decided to bring in a new dog.

The new dog is a rescue dog of English Bulldog mix named Tankerbelle. She is an adorable pooch, but she lives with a birth defect. Sweet Tankerbelle suffers from a health condition that affects the spinal vertebrae known as spina bifida. As a result, the poor dog shows weakness on her hind-end and incoordination. And since Tankerbelle has trouble keeping her bowel movements in control, she also needs to wear diapers at all times.

But the Cavnar family doesn’t seem to mind the special needs that come with Tankerbelle. She is a sweet pooch with a strong personality – a perfect companion to Pastor Cavnar. In fact, according to Alexis, her husband saw a connection in between her husband and Tankerbelle. If the dog can live life with her special needs, he could most certainly adjust to temporary disablement.

Jon and his family may be having a hard time adjusting to his new life on a wheelchair, but Tankerbelle is a reminder that life could get better with a bit more persistence and hope. Currently, Tankerbelle is the family’s source of strength and inspiration in these trying times.

Watch Alexis talk about how blessed they are to have Tankerbelle in their lives by pressing the play button below:

UPDATE 9.10.18 Special announcement!!! Everyone, meet Tankerbell!!!! ❤️

Posted by Alexis Cavnar on Monday, September 10, 2018

Source Alexis Cavnar via Facebook


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