Pit bulls are often branded as aggressive and unsuitable pets for families with kids. Although increasing numbers of people are starting to see pit bulls in a new light, there are still people who see these dogs in a bad light. Not a lot of people know this, but pit bulls were once seen as America’s nanny dog. It only changed because they became victims of illegal dog fighting organized by horrible people where pit bulls are trained and conditioned to fight other dogs to the death.

A man named John Flores fell in love with pit bulls during a desperate time in his life. John had an accident that involved hitting his head, which caused him to quit his job. John was depressed and was at a very low point in his life. He was on three different antidepressants and was unable to function normally.

John’s therapist suggested that he should take a look at getting a dog. John ended up with a rescue pit bull named Penny Lane, who also had issues of her own. Penny Lane was scared of men and growled at kids. John hired a dog trainer for Penny Lane and eventually told John to be the person that Penny needs him to be.

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John confronted his fears for Penny and ended up changing his life for the better. When John became more positive, Penny Lane also changed. John started a nonprofit that helps save pit bulls and other dogs from being abused and neglected. John and his partner, Briana, adopted and fostered more pit bulls that were deemed unwanted.

John and Briana were told that the pit bulls they adopted were aggressive towards kids and should not be around small children. However, John and Briana understood the breed, and they were even looking forwarded to introduce the dogs to their baby, Cambden. When Cambden was born, all the dogs adored the baby.

Cambden also grew up loving all the pit bulls around him. The pit bulls were so patient and gentle with Cambden. They love cuddling and spending time with Camden. The incredible thing about John and Briana’s dogs is that they were branded as unsuitable to be around children.

Cambden started helping out with the dogs when he was still little. Cambden enjoys putting food on the bowl for the dogs, and he loves getting puppy kisses from them. Pit bulls are stereotyped as being mean or aggressive. Thanks to people like John and his family, people are starting to realize just how amazing these dogs are. Here’s a short but heartwarming video showing how pit bulls saved John’s life and how he’s returning the favor.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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