Mama, an abandoned pit bull in California, has every reason to stop trusting people. She just delivered a brood of beautiful puppies when her despicable owners decided to get rid of her. They did not just separate the poor momma dog from her cute little puppies but also drove a few towns away and abandoned her at a fuel station.

The poor pup walked aimlessly for about five miles looking for her puppies. When she came upon a quiet and cozy orchard, she accepted her new reality and made herself at home. She slept under the solar panels and ate whatever scraps some travelers and kind individuals left for her when they saw her.

Because of her terrible experience, Mama has become very afraid of people. She would bolt as soon as anyone attempts to go near her. She has become quite famous in the area because of her tragic experience. It was a turn of fate when Danny, a dedicated animal rescuer, learned about her.

Danny has been with SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue, a rescue organization in California, for a long time. He knew that he could help the terrified pit bull using his acquired skills and innate patience. He started by offering food to Mama every day at a specific time. He also made a makeshift feeding station and shelter using a box spring and a mattress.

Soon, Mama began to associate the patient rescuer with food and would eagerly watch Danny from some considerable distance whenever he visited. Danny also tried tricking Mama into following him while he walked around the orchard by leaving a trail of treats. This allowed him to move Mama to a relatively safer area where there were no orchard workers and where it would be safer to capture her.

As months passed, Mama eventually considered Danny as a friend. However, even though the pup excitedly greeted him and hanged out with him, she still wouldn’t allow him to touch her. Whenever Danny attempted to put Mama on a leash, the high-strung pup would bolt. This called for another plan to ensure Mama’s rescue.

An animal rescue team installed a trap around the property and lured Mama into a cage. It took 15 months for Danny to gain Mama’s trust, but his patience and perseverance ensured that the skittish pit bull would soon have her own loving family.

Video source: A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue via YouTube


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