When one has a rough start in life, that does not mean that their ending will be the same. One day, a certain Bob Hoelter was on his way to the store, and to get there, he would need to cross a bridge. As he was walking, he heard a faint noise and checked what it was.

What he saw under the bridge was heartbreaking. He saw a tiny, weak puppy who was trembling with fear. What shocked Hoelter the most was the tape on the puppy’s mouth so he immediately brought the poor thing to the Griffith Animal Hospital.

The hospital manager alarmed the vets of the urgency of the situation as it seemed that the puppy’s mouth has been taped shut for four to five days. Louie the puppy also had skin infections and his tiny legs were also broken. The vets provided him with antibiotics and the best medical care possible.

He was also provided with a comfortable bed, a bunch of toys and a lot of love. The hospital also arranged a reunion between Louie and Hoelter, and the event was so full of emotions. Louie recognized his savior right away and thanked him by showering him with doggy hugs and kisses.

The staff could not imagine the cruelty that Louie has experienced, but they are happy that he is out of that situation and in a better one. Everyone involved in Louie’s case has been nothing but amazing, providing their services to Louie the best way that they know how.

This recovering puppy will soon have a home with his forever family, and he will always be grateful for the people who brought him out of his terrible predicament. Louie is a lucky puppy, and he got the happy ending that he so deserves. May everyone who sees a dog in need do what Hoelter did- stop and help.

Source My Pets via YouTube


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